Having Sex 3-4 Times a Week Can Help Remove Your Kidney Stones, Research Says

Would you believe your doctor if he prescribed sex to cure your kidney stones? A prescription to have sex to cure this condition seems like a joke, but it is true. This is based from a significant published research from the University of Ankara, Turkey.

Removing kidney stones has never been this easy

The standard treatment for kidney stones depends on its size. Smaller kidney stones are usually treated by rehydration, painkillers, and muscle relaxants. Larger kidney stones, on the other hand, would require wave therapy to break up the stones, medicines that dissolve it, or by surgical removal if it is already too large.

The researchers hypothesized that orgasms during sex can function similarly to muscle relaxant medications which aid in moving and expelling kidney stones. This hypothesis was put to the test through a randomized controlled trial.

A total of 75 patients joined in the study. For uniformity, only patients with kidney stones measured less than 6mm via ultrasound were included.

The 75 patients were then randomly assigned to three groups, receiving different treatment methods. The first group was just prescribed to have sex 3-4 times a week. The second group was prescribed with 0.4mg/dL Tamsulosin, a medication used as a muscle relaxant in the ureter and urinary bladder to aid in passing the stones. The last group was given standard treatment, which is just increased fluid intake and painkillers, and also served as the control group for the study.

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Who knew sex could be a better alternative for kidney stone medication?

The significant findings of the study include:

1. Sex is twice more effective than Tamsulosin and standard clinical treatment in removing kidney stones.
The actual results showed that after the study period, 26 out of 31 patients or 83.9% in Group 1 (sex group) successfully removed their kidney stones. Group 2 or Tamsulosin group only had a success rate of 47.6% or 10 out of 21 patients, while the last group had the lowest success rate with only 34.8%.

2. Sex can remove kidney stones faster than the two other treatments.
An average of 10 days was observed for the Sex Group to clear their stones, while it takes the Tamsulosin group an average of 16 days. The last group take the longest at 18 days.

So sex and orgasm really do seem to work best for small kidney stones, huh? Well, this could save people a lot on those medications while enjoying some sexy time with their partners. Just remember to be safe to prevent backlash of other nasty conditions such as urinary tract infection. And lastly, preventing kidney stones is still better than curing them. Always remember to keep ourselves hydrated and to avoid too much salty food.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

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