What are the Recommended Foods After Getting Wild With Your Partner?

Sex can be exhausting. After a fantastic session of doing the deed under the covers, you may find yourself craving certain foods, or just hungry period. You’ve just burned a lot of calories, increased your heart rate, and worked up an appetite. After all sex is exercise. Really good exercise. It may be tempting to go into the kitchen and grab the first yummy thing you see, but that’s not always a good plan. Impulse eating is just as bad for you after sex as it is any other time, so you should make a plan for what to chow down on after getting busy in the bedroom.

How to Choose Post-Sex Food

Since sex is a form of exercise, try to think about your post-sex meals as post-workout meals. Your body is capable of absorbing more carbs and protein in the half hour or so after a workout than any other time. The timing works out, because that hour after a workout or sex is also when your body is using up all your stored energy. If you don’t rebuild your body’s stores of glycogen and protein, you won’t be able to maximize the benefit of your workout and continue to grow stronger. The foods you’re mainly looking for should be packed full of carbs and protein.

These are some of our favorite foods to refuel with after sex:

1. Chocolate Milk

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, you must love chocolate milk. Many never used to think of it as a healthy drink, but now it is a must habit to keep a few bottles in the fridge to refuel after a run or an romp in the sack with your partner. It not only tastes delicious, but it’s a great source protein and carbs. Plus, chocolate milk is a great way to rehydrate after sex.

2. Greek Yogurt

If you’re a fan of Greek yogurt, it makes for an easy and delicious post sex snack. It has way more protein than regular yogurt, which makes it especially good for muscle recovery. Try adding in some cereal for carbs and some fresh berries for other vitamins and nutrients.

3. Apples and Cheese

This one is probably everybody’s favorite. Slice up an apple and some of your favorite cheese for you and your partner after you have worn each other out. This snack is fun to share and it will satisfy your hunger while giving you the carbs and protein you need. Choose your cheese carefully, because some are better for you than others. The same could be said of apples. Go with a honeycrisp apple if it’s in season, and some cheddar cheese.

Remember to Drink Water

You should always stay hydrated, but it’s especially important after sex. During a rigorous exercise like sex, you lose a lot of moisture that needs to be replaced. Have a glass of water ready, or get up and get one after you’re done. You’ll recover faster and your body will thank you for it.

By staying hydrated and choosing a healthy snack to eat after sex, you’ll speed your recovery time and satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline.

Source: Fitness Republic